As requried by the Canada Revenue Agency, we apply a tax to your orders total including shipping costs. The tax charged will be determined automatically during checkout based on the Canadian Province in your Shipping Address with the chart below.

Tax Chart

Provinces Tax Type Tax %
​Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick HST​ 13.00 %​
​Prince Edward Island HST​ ​14.00 %
​Nova Scotia HST​ ​15.00 %
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories,
Nunavut, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon​
​GST 5.00 %​

We ship out of Ottawa, Canada, and as requried by law, we declare all packages being shipped to our customers outside of the country. So when your package reaches the border of your country, your government's border control may apply an import tax and customs fee upon delivery of your item. You, as the importer of these items, are solely responsible for these taxes and fees. We have noticed that these taxes and fees are not applied to every single package we ship, as the determination of this will lie with your countries' customs agency as well as the courier(we noticed more often customs fees on packages shipped with UPS than Regular Post).