Cards Against Muggles

Cards Against Muggles

4-20+ players, ages 17+, 30-90 minutes

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This special Harry Potter-themed set for Cards Against Humanity. This official Cards Against Muggles set includes 1440 cards 990 White answer cards and 450 question cards for you and your friends to utilize in your games. It takes 90 minutes or less to finish this game and it requires 4 to 20+ Players. It contains a hilarious vibe with an evil sense of humor. Just like the movie.

You can choose to use them as plain paper or to laminate them so they last longer.

As you might imagine, the Muggles against Humanity set does have an age rating and restriction. This set is recommended for individuals who are 17 years of age or older due to the inappropriate and often sexual themes used on the cards.

However, this is perfect for the majority of original Harry Potter fans – the original readers of the books are now in their twenties, and many of them have no doubt thought of strange headcanons to go with their favorite series. The game it’s guaranteed to bring hours of fun, and a great mood to the players. So, I bet you don’t want to miss it right?

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Cards Against Muggles Example Cards

Cards Against Muggles Box follows the same basic format as Cards Against Humanity. Each player holds ten white cards in their hand and must play one to go with a corresponding black card. Whoever has the best answer to the prompt on the black card wins the round, and then a new player is chosen to be the judge of the next round.

Of course, the main way in which Cards Against Muggles differs from the original game is in the subject of the content. While Cards Against Humanity focuses on real-world events, prejudices, and people, Cards Against Muggles has every card related to something in the Harry Potter universe.

Instead of playing a black card that reads “Donald Trump,” you would instead have “Ron Weasley.” Instead of talking about “World War II,” you have the “Second Wizarding War.” So you know what you get to enjoy when you play with the set, here are some samples of black and white cards from the game.

Black Cards Example

  • “The next Triwizard Tournament has the champions battling…”
  • “…will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts this year.”
  • “Lucius Malfoy didn’t realize he had actually given Voldemort….”
  • “Tom Riddle was shocked when Ginny began to write about…in the diary.”
  • “Dumbledore has hidden…in the Room of Requirement”
  • “Filch has finally banned…from the halls of Hogwarts”

White Cards Example

  • “The bizarre and horrific ordeal that conceived Rubeus Hagrid”
  • “The actual love triangle between Harry, Ron, and Hermione”
  • “Professor McGonagall feeding you biscuits”
  • “The love child of Donald Trump and Dolores Umbridge”
  • “Snorting Floo Powder to go on a mental journey”
  • “Painting Severus Snape as one of your French girls”
  • “Tearing off your nipples in a Ministry accident”
  • “Using magic to enslave your classmates”
  • “Real dragon dildos”

And there are many more!

The different content that these cards contain, gives you the opportunity to combine them and release the most hilarious answers out of it.

Find out more funny Cards Against Muggles examples and explore the hilarious world of Harry Potter.