Death Note Cosplay Prop Notebook

Death Note Cosplay Prop Notebook

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I am justice!

The Cover is made of Soft-rubber. 82 pages. The first 2 pages are cover pages and right after there are 30 instructional pages on how to use the Death Note Notebook in both the language of English and Japanese. There are 6 pages after the instructional pages that "Kira" himself has written in, and the last 44 pages are normal lined pages for your own personal usage. The size of the Notebook itself is approximately 6x8 inches.

The appearance of a Death Note is chosen by the Shinigami, and there are several different Death Note designs. Most Death Notes are plain black (such as Rem's) and do not have writing on the cover, however Shinigami sometimes write their name on it or the words "Death Note". Those that do contain writing on the front can have the words written in any language, such as English (Sidoh's Death Note) or a Shinigami language (Gelus's Death Note). Other cover designs may exist as well, but that would be completely up to the Shinigami owning that particular Death Note. Death Notes which are red or white exist, although they are never shown in the series. Death Note's can also take a form other than a notebook, such as a scroll. Death Note: How To Read 13 suggests that the form changes based on the human era.

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