Japanese 7-Dice Set: Blue Star Lotus

Japanese 7-Dice Set: Blue Star Lotus

7 Polyhedral Kanji Dice Set

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Japanese Dice Set - Blue Star Lotus

A flower that wants to be a star. Spread your arms wide open to greet the great return of the refurbished design of the Japanese-inspired Dice Set! They are made of the best material, with digits written in Kanji characters and adorned with tiny flowers. The set contains 7 standard pieces of regular size, with the material being white, and painting in purple color.

The genesis of the Japanese Dice Set is strongly influenced by Virtues derived from the old traditions of the Samurai, known in the West mainly in an embellished, romantic version. This is completely sufficient to transfer certain elements to our times, creating a vision of the Samurai as a man not only trained in combat but also having adamant willpower, unrelenting self-discipline, and a strong system of values. According to the Bushido Code, these noble warriors were a great example of what every man and woman should strive to be in their lives.

The Bushido Code is represented by seven major Virtues, originally called Gi, Rei, Yu, Meiyo, Jin, Makoto, and Chu - translated as Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty, and Loyalty, respectively. We wanted our Japanese Dice to reflect these Virtues in a non-obvious but eloquent way. We know that our fans are gifted with great imagination, so we allow ourselves the following interpretation.

The Blue Star Lotus is a set that embodies the Virtues of Bushido by constantly striving for perfection - to become the best version of yourself, by continuously practicing what requires training. By using these dice, you may get the feeling that you gain more experience with each subsequent roll. And this impression will be absolutely correct, as whenever you perform this specific pattern of movements with your hand, you slowly gain more and more proficiency in it. Of course, we can't promise you that you'll get such expertise as to roll a score exactly as planned each time... but your moves will surely acquire grace and confidence over time, worthy of a seasoned player.

Striving for perfection

The first appearance of the Japanese Dice design caused an absolute craze among Q Workshop fans and waited a long time for a new release in a refurbished version. To this day it is a kind of a phenomenon recognized by every self-respecting dice collector. With a new production method and a new color scheme, this design can now once again reach a wide fan base without diminishing the glamor of the original. And here it is! Behold, as we proudly present to you the Japanese Dice Set, Blue Star Lotus.

  • Integrity β€” From start to finish, we always create our dice with true passion.
  • Respect β€” We faithfully mirrored Kanji characters on dice engravings, keeping them in a calligraphic style to make them more appealing towards Japanese traditions.
  • Courage β€” We show you new dice color themes boldly and proudly. Violet painting on the white background has a pure, strong vibe for the self-perfection idea.
  • Honor β€” Knowing our mission and responsibility, Japanese dice are of the best quality, made of strong material, and with a clear, durable painting.
  • Compassion β€” Knowing your longing for this design, we did our best to bring them back in full glory. This is evidenced by the delicate cherry flowers decorating the faces of Japanese Dice.
  • Honesty β€” We give you a product worth its price and with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Loyalty β€” the Japanese Dice Sets have been created especially for you - our fans!