Batman (MMS409) Exclusive

Batman (MMS409) Exclusive

Suicide Squad Sixth (1/6) Scale Movie Masterpiece - Limited Edition

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Soon after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Dark Knight of Gotham emerges from the Batcave again in Suicide Squad, in which a number of incarcerated DC supervillains team up as Task Force X to stop an even worse threat. Making a special appearance in this anti-hero blockbuster, Batman does play a critical role in the story as he is responsible for putting some of these infamous baddies, such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn, behind bars in the first place.

Being huge fans of Batman ourselves, Sideshow and Hot Toys are pleased to announce the new Hot Toys sixth scale collectible figure of Batman from Suicide Squad as a limited edition item only available in selected markets.  

The movie-accurate figure is expertly crafted based on the masked crusader's appearance in the film, featuring a masked head sculpt with 3 interchangeable eye pieces and lower faces, a body that highlights Batman's toned, muscular physique, meticulously detailed Batsuit equipped with a specially tailored wired cape allowing Batman to make stylish poses, a range of detailed Batman gadgets and weapons, and a Suicide Squad-themed dynamic figure stand perfect for aerial poses.  

Now quickly swoop up this limited edition Batman collectible figure for your Hot Toys collection before it's gone!


The Batman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure's special features:

Authentic and detailed likeness of Batman in Suicide Squad
One (1) Batman head sculpt with three (3) interchangeable eye pieces and three (3) interchangeable lower faces capturing the character's facial expressions
Approximately 32cm tall
Specialized muscular body with over 30 points of articulations
Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including: 
- One (1) pair of fists 
- One (1) pair of relaxed hands 
- One (1) pair of gripping hands 
- One (1) right hand for holding Batarang 
- One (1) right hand for holding branding iron
Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted

One (1) highly detailed Batsuit
One (1) specially tailored wired black cape with new cuttings and weathering effects
One (1) utility belt
One (1) pair of black forearm gauntlets
One (1) pair of black boots

One (1) grapple gun with interchangeable tips
One (1) grenade gun with two (2) grenade ammos (in closed mode and opened mode)
Four (4) Batarangs

One (1) underwater breathing mask attachable to Batman's cowl
One (1) Batman symbol branding iron
Specially designed Suicide Squad-themed dynamic figure stand with movie logo

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