BattleLore: Harceleurs Gobelins (Goblin Skirmishers)

BattleLore: Harceleurs Gobelins (Goblin Skirmishers)

2 players, ages 14+, 45-90 minutes

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Game Expansion This item is an expansion. Please be aware that ownership of the base game is likely required for play.

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  • Repurposed Edition of Battlelore Goblin Skirmishers.
  • Includes English and French Components
  • English rules available through download

The second of two specialist pack releases. Each Specialist Pack introduces 20 new figures and each unit type has new Specialist and Weapon summary cards that detail the fighting capabilities for these forces on the battlefield. Each pack also adds 2 new Adventures that feature the new figures, as well as additional Banners to deploy them within either camp.


  • 20 figures
  • 1 Goblin Band Leader (also in BattleLore: Goblin Marauders Specialist Pack)
  • 3 Goblin Drummers (also in BattleLore: Goblin Marauders Specialist Pack)
  • 8 Hobgoblin Spear Bearers
  • 8 Goblin Slingers
  • 10 banners
  • 2×1 Band
  • 2×2 Slingers
  • 2×2 Spear Bearer
  • 4-page Rules Booklet with 2 new adventures
  • 4 Specialist cards (Goblin Band, Goblin Drummers, Goblin Slingers, Hobgoblin Spear Bearers)
  • 4 Weapon Summary cards (Bass Drum, Goblin Drum, Sling, Spear Bearer)