Final Fantasy The Spirits Within: Gray Edwards

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within: Gray Edwards

By Bandai

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Following the tremendous success of the video game, Bandai produced this line of 6 inch action figures based on the computer animated feature length film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Gray Edwards comes complete with helmet, headset, rifle, knife, display stand and film cel trading card. In the year 2065, a deserted and decimated Earth supports only a few precious life forms. An alien invasion threatens to extinguish the remnants of mankind and quite possibly every living creature on the planet. The fate of all life on Earth relies on one womans determination. But time is running out - Earth is losing its battle against the aliens. There is only one hope for eliminating the predators. Aki Ross, with the guidance of her mentor, Dr. Sid, and the aid of the Deep Eyes squadron, is searching for the last remaining key components that could save the Earth. The organic wave she is struggling to assemble is the only hope for counteracting the invasion without destroying the planet. While General Heins militant opposition group mounts a massive effort to unleash a huge space cannon on the enemy, Aki races against time to find the last two wave components. Struggling with both inner and outer conflict, Aki courageously pursues her Final Fantasy.