Flip Cup

Flip Cup

2+ players, ages 8+, 30 minutes

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A typical Flip Cup game can be played any number of ways depending on how many player are participating. Each player takes one large blue cup, six small red cups, and one black chip. Shuffle the challenge cards and place them face down on the table. A challenge card will have an activity for the player to complete. For example, the classic challenge card has a player take 6 red cups and put them on the edge of the table and who ever flips all 6 over first wins. A challenge card is randomly drawn from the stack and players take turns reading the cards. It is highly encourage to discuss the goal of the card so that players understand how the challenge works. If indicated on the card, players set up cups on the table before they begin. When they are ready the opposing players simultaneously say "Let's get this flippin' party started!" and begin. The first player to finish the challenge and yells "Done!" is the winner.

For smaller groups, the player with the most wins after facing other player is the Flip Cup Champion. If there is a tie, then the two (or more) players compete against each other in a Flip Cup Championship round.

For tournament-style play, draw three cards randomly and compete in a best of three for each round. Winners advance to the next round until only tow players are left standing, competing for the Flip Cup Championship. The Championship is one card only: draw a card at random and take your best shot at the title!.